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We’ll get you going on Your Next Step!

We all have a Next Step we want to take, whether it’s in:

Work – making moves through our career or creative self expression
Health – creating a healthier physical, mental, or emotional lifestyle
Wealth – having the freedom to do what we want, when we want
Love – Moving toward better relationships with our significant other, family member, friend, or acquaintance There are plenty of ways to get where you want to be from where you are right now…one step at a time!

We invite you to be a part of our Next Step! Network. You belong in our Network, if you:

• Have taken a definitive Next Step and want to share your story (warts and all)

• Are considering taking a Next Step and either

don’t yet know what it is or
know what you want to do and don’t yet know how or are filled with fear

• Are an expert in your field and have advice and guidance on how to take that Next Step!

Beverly Molander is a writer, counselor, teacher and media personality who has taken her positive Next Step message to the public through counseling, seminars, and the media.

It is her goal that you will feel enlivened as you take your own next steps through this web site.

Please email to molander@nextstepnetwork.net or call her at (404) 876-2443.


Radio Show

To hear Beverly interview her mother about taking a big next step in her personal life:

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